Military Pattern Remington Rolling Block Three-Band Musket - Excellent Condition

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Remington Roling Block military-pattern "musket." These rifles were often, especially for foreign sales, left almost entirely unmarked, so it can be tough to tell exactly where these rifles came from. Nevertheless, we can still tell that this rifle is some variety of South American military purchase, probably Argentine or Cuban. That would mean a chambering of either .43 Spanish or .43 Spanish Reformado, While a confusion of the two wouldn't be dangerous, a $30 slugging kit for the chamber is likely a good idea just to make sure. All that aside, this is an absolutely excellent example of a military-pattern Rolling Block.Receiver flats are free of rust and have show attractive patina. Blued areas are very attractive and show a deep finish with only very occasional discoloration. Wood is very solid with only occasional small dings and one abrasion near the buttplate. Mechanicals are excellent, with a nice trigger and easy operation of the locking block.

Categories: Single Shot Rifles
Condition: Used
Manufacturer: Remington
Model: Rolling Block
Vendor: Gunprime
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